After the rain the sun… a private view report

After yesterday’s post on the damp woes of preparation, the sun came out on exhibition opening day! As 6pm drew nearer, the Cambridge skies became brighter, people arrived at the gallery and Prosecco was dispensed.

The finishing touches: cleaning the windows.

Had to keep re-hanging as people kept buying paintings (strangely enough…). One on the top right wouldn’t stay straight. Both Study for Brief Encounter II and Study For Tea Party IV had several buyers vying to be first with their cheque books. Tea Party went to a new home in Ipswich and Brief Encounter to new collectors in St Ives. Pretty successful evening all round! The exhibition continues at Cambridge Book & Print Gallery until June 30th.



It’s exhibition time!

Do please come along to the first show of Michael’s paintings since 2000. On show will be lots of works not seen publicly until now, plus a few favourites, and a new range of 5 beautiful and affordable giclee prints, including Tea Party (as seen on the poster below.) Looking forward to seeing you there!

Michael Randall - Poster (1).jpeg

Picturepost 2: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath

MR 161b Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, oil on board, 355x200, 1990s
MR 161b Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, oil on board, 355×200, 1990s

Michael was very interested in taking a seemingly innocuous photograph, generally clipped out of a newspaper or magazine, and ‘getting right inside’ the image. He thought photos were only useful as a springboard to his own ideas and this proved a very fruitful exercise as you’ll see in future posts. From this happy smiling shot of Sylvia Plath who could guess her mental state? The fractured surface of the work was more of an experimental technique than a comment on her fragility, but it lends real depth to the finished piece. What do you think?