It’s exhibition time!

Do please come along to the first show of Michael’s paintings since 2000. On show will be lots of works not seen publicly until now, plus a few favourites, and a new range of 5 beautiful and affordable giclee prints, including Tea Party (as seen on the poster below.) Looking forward to seeing you there!

Michael Randall - Poster (1).jpeg

Picturepost 9: NSW Rockpool


Michael travelled to Australia in the mid-70s staying with friends in New South Wales and Western Australia  and, as you can imagine, he recorded as much as he could on paper and board, rather than with a camera. The light and colours in the landscape inspired a series of paintings of which this is perhaps the most complete. In Australia he felt that he was looking at the world with new eyes and his already strong sense of colour was developed significantly during and after that trip. This rockpool was close to a friend’s farm that lay 20 miles up a dirt track and with the neighbours five miles away. He was enchanted by the light reflecting on the surface of the water, and by the lizards that stalked through the grass, looking for a tasty lunch of snake.

Picturepost 6: Commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day 27 January

MR 1 Warsaw Ghetto, oil on canvas 1370×1520, 1995.

The shocking image that inspired this striking painting will no doubt be familiar to you: it’s of a little boy and his family being rounded up at gunpoint following the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943. It’s one of most instantly identifiable images of the entire war. Michael was drawn to the image in its own right and also because of his own Jewish family connections, which stretches back to early 19th century Poland and Germany. The sharp fractured shapes on the canvas indicate the fracturing of the world around these people and the multiplicity of images disappearing into the distance speak of the horrendous death toll for all. That Michael’s youngest child was a similar age to the boy in the photo added a deeper meaning to creating this work.

And here’s the photo:

Arrests following the Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943.

Picturepost 5: More from the Garden In France series

MR 65 Garden in France, acrylic on card, 730x425, 1991
MR 65 Garden in France, acrylic on card, 730×425, 1991

In Picturepost 4 we showed you one aspect (the mother and child) of the scene in this painting, Garden In France, which in turn is part of a large series inspired by a teaching trip to France. The image has been abstracted to blur the shapes of the figures and it’s necessary to step back when viewing the work in order to process the activity captured on the paper.  The brush strokes are very lively and this is a technique Michael used to portray action. Even though the people are sitting around a table there is still much activity – serving food, talking, eating and drinking, dealing with the baby. The summer heat is implied by the prominent spotty parasol and even though the colours are cool, the picture still suggests a hot, sunny day.