Who was Michael Randall?

How brilliant would it be to discover the story behind the work of a painter as talented as Michael Randall?  Come with us to discover a unique  studio that was closed for some years following Michael’s death in 2000. Regular posts on this blog by those who knew him will unlock the stories behind the paintings, prints and drawings that make up this remarkable collection. Ready? Come on in…

Self portrait
Self portrait

MICHAEL RANDALL was born and raised in Southampton but spent many happy years working in his studio just outside Cambridge, where the bulk of his work was produced. His eye was drawn to the private moment: two friends talking over coffee, a mother feeding her child, a head turning to say something.

Michael was obsessed with art even as a child. When he was 18 he studied fine art and printmaking at Southampton Art College. He and his friends were equally keen on playing practical jokes as part of their ‘education’.  In the 1970s he became a student at the Royal Academy Schools; the Schools’ drive for life drawing skills suited his attitude to fine art – that life drawing was the basis of all good work.  At his RA Schools Diploma exhibition in 1975 Southampton City Art Gallery bought the principle work in his collection: ‘Daydream’, remains in the Gallery’s permanent collection and is listed in the Public Catalogue Foundation’s Your Paintings, in collaboration with the BBC.

He exhibited widely all around the UK and in Paris.

Michael loved teaching, he always felt his work gained more from teaching than it was possible to give. He taught a great diversity of students, from prison classes to life drawing groups. At the end of 2000, illness cut short this creative life. In 2010, the studio was organised and catalogued ready for viewing once again.

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