Picturepost 7: Study For Tea Party

MR 64 Study for tea party, acrylic on card, 375x470, 1991
MR 64 Study for tea party, acrylic on card, 375×470, 1991

Capturing on canvas the energy that comes from a large group of people was a constant inspiration for Michael. A child’s birthday party was the setting for this lively work, which is part of a long running series that culminated in several oil paintings. The source material was a selection of family photographs, some portrait commission work, and drawing from the life. He wasn’t especially interested in the fact that his own children feature, only in the challenges of the work itself. Family photos are often messy; they’re often unplanned, they are snapshots of a moment in time, which is why we all like them. In the right artist’s hands they make productive source material. For example the old man in the hat was the elderly father of a friend; he had died recently and he seemed the perfect ‘watcher’ at the feast, but more importantly he balances the composition. Several sketches and paintings of this man exist, but he certainly wasn’t at this party.

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