Picturepost 1: Closed Visits

MR 66 Closed visits, Graphite and acrylic on card, 330x430, 1999

In the final decade of his life, Michael taught painting and drawing to prisoners and thought of this work as one of the most rewarding and productive times of his life. As a devoted dad himself, he was profoundly moved by  the prisoners’  stories about their own families and the difficulties of managing visits. This painting portrays the bleak vista of the prison landings as the men wait for visiting time, and reminds us that the line of separation remains even during those brief intervals.

8 thoughts on “Picturepost 1: Closed Visits

  1. I grew up with Michael in Southampton. We both lived on Tennyson Road, went to St. Deny’s school together & I knew his folks quite well. I guess we went our separate ways and it was not until communicating with another school friend and neighbour this week (Feb 2015) that I learned of Mike’s artisistic qualities. A real surprise to me and very interesting art! Had I known this I’d have looked him up on my return visits to the UK. Sorry to hear he died so young but hope his family are doing well.
    Stephen Davis/Toronto


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